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10 Questions to Ask Your Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

choosing an Estate Agent

So you’ve decided to sell your home. It’s an exciting prospect, isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter whether this is your first time, or fifteenth time, selling your home is an electrifying feeling.

However, it can also be one of the most stressful and expensive moments in your life if the correct research hasn’t be carried out.

To ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal when you go to sell your property, it’s important to choose an estate agent who is there for you.

But how can you determine who is the best estate agent to deal with the sale of your home?

We have put together a short guide with some of the most important questions you should ask your estate agent when you decide to sell your home.

After all, it could be the difference in you getting a great deal or not getting a deal at all regarding competitive fees and a high sale price.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Estate Agent When Selling Your Property


1.       How much do you charge?

Before signing any contracts, it’s important to find out the fees and charges associated with your chosen estate agency.

Estate agents will usually charge you with a percentage fee which can be anywhere between 0.75% and 2% of your agreed selling price, depending on the type of contract of course.

Many estate agents will present you with an upfront fee; however you may soon uncover hidden fees as time passes. Make sure you know the total cost of what you’ll have to pay.

Annan solicitors & Estate Agents are fully transparent from the outset. We charge no upfront marketing or estate agency fees which naturally benefits our clients. Our very competitive fixed fees means you’re not penalised for a high sale price, when we are doing our best by you.

2.       How will we keep in touch, and how often?

You may find that selling your home could be quick and effortless, but you may also find that it could take months.

Find out how you plan on interacting with your estate agent throughout the selling process of your home.

Do you plan on only having one single point of contact, or various different contact points?

Can you reach them through email? Do you need to phone them? What hours do they work and when are they likely available?

Finding this information out will help you stay updated throughout the process.

Annan solicitors & Estate Agents are contactable 7 days a week by phone, text, email or Whatsapp which enables buyers to have full access to contact us to arrange to view your home outside the traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday culture.


3.       Are you regulated?

You should check and see if your chosen solicitor and estate agent is signed up to any regulated associations – including The Law Society of Scotland.

Members who have voluntarily signed up to reputable associations will be taken more seriously than those who are not. They will also come with a clear indication of professionalism that you would expect from an estate agent.

Annan Solicitors & Estate Agents are regulated by The Law Society and in turn are a member firm within Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre (ESPC).


4.       How long would it take to sell my property?

This is often a difficult question for some estate agents to answer as there are a lot of factors at play.

However, most estate agents will have a good idea on how popular properties in your price bracket and geographical area are selling for.

Annan Solicitors & Estate Agents are recognised and renowned for having most of their client’s properties under offer within 2 weeks.


5.       What other properties do you have on the market whose prices fall within this bracket?

If you want to test how well the property market is within your price range, we recommend speaking to your estate agent to find out what other properties they have on the market similar to the price of your home.

By asking this, you will be able to gauge how well other properties in your price bracket are selling, see how long they have been listed for and what they are offering.

Annan Solicitors & Estate Agents have numerous examples of recently sold properties which assists to accurately indicate the likely Home Report for your home.


6.       Where will you list my home?

When selling your home, you want to reach as many potential buyers as possible. So you want to know where your estate agent plans on marketing your property.

Make sure to ask your estate agent where they plan on adding your home. Most property searches are carried out using an online format, so you want to ensure that your estate agent is featuring your home on all the major property websites.

Annan Solicitors & Estate Agents shall advertise your property on;;;; and other affiliated sites which provides fantastic online exposure and presence.


7.       Will you conduct viewings?

You may find that some estate agents do not hold open houses, so it’s important to find out just who will conduct the viewings.

You don’t want to be stuck with having an inexperienced negotiator who has never even looked at your home try and sell it to prospective buyers.

Find out if those who are responsible for conducting viewings know the specifics about your home, including the energy efficiency rating, council tax bands and local amenities.

Annan Solicitors & Estate Agents can carry out viewings on your behalf. One of our agents would conduct them personally, which is included in your fee, rather than a professional view which shall cost you. Professional viewers have no incentive to sell you property as they make their money to show properties.


8.       How much is my home worth?

When you go to sell your property, you want to know what it’s valued on the market.

You don’t want to pick a random price and find out later that you undervalued your home and lost out on getting a great deal.

The best way to choose an effective asking price is to book a property valuation.

The valuation of your property will be based on several factors including the current market condition, the size of your home, the geographical location of your home and the unique features your home offers.

Annan Solicitors & Estate Agents will confirm a Home report value prior to marketing, which gives you reassurance when you kindly market with us.


9.       Is it the right time to sell my house?

If you’re only at the initial stages of selling your home, you want to know how well the property market is operating.

There are many factors which can influence how quickly your home may sell – some of which include the size, location and time of year you’re selling.

We recommend speaking to your estate agent to find out what the current conditions of the property market are.

The Edinburgh market place is particularly buoyant due to a lack of properties. Annan Solicitors & Estate Agents are happy to meet with you at your property so we call fully appraise matters, so you’re fully informed of the process.


10. Can you recommend a conveyancer?

Many estate agents will be able to refer you to someone who can handle and complete the paperwork required for the sale of your property to go through properly.

You may find that looking for a conveyancer yourself can be difficult and expensive. Your estate agent may be able to recommend someone who offer a quick turnaround and charges a reasonable fee.

We would still recommend gathering a few quotes together from different places and choosing one that suits your requirements.

Annan Solicitors & Estate Agents have our own conveyancing team for your convenience, so all matters are dealt in-house.

Selling Your Home with Annan Solicitors & Estate Agents

Selling your property shouldn’t be as stressful and expensive as you may think. It’s important that you carry out your own independent research to find the best estate agent.

Annan Solicitors & Estate Agents have built up a vast portfolio of satisfied customers over the years and have delivered excellent results. We have offices located in Edinburgh and East Lothian, and offer a fresh and dynamic approach to selling property in today’s thriving property market. We understand that owning a property is likely to be your biggest financial outlay, so we endeavour to offer each of our clients a superior level of service and commitment.

If you’re looking to sell your property in Edinburgh or East Lothian, we recommend getting in touch with us here at Annan Solicitors & Estate Agents by calling us on 0131 669 2121 or 07773 777771, emailing us at